Gregory Good


Producegood is the studio of Graphic Designer, Gregory Good. In name or not, Greg’s goal is simply to produce good designs that aid the mission of your organization’s goals.

In today’s world of information overload, a brand that reflects your unique message across multiple platforms is critical to set yourself apart from the rest. That is why Greg roots his design in the principal of concept branding. Be it applied to a digital website and mobile device or a print poster, brochure, book, business cards, letterhead or whatever we may dream, your personal message is only as good as the concept which brands your identity. To effectively communicate that message we must first understand the challenges that your organization faces. This is accomplished by forging a symbiotic relationship between your organization and the creative process.

The Process

Concept. Design. Production. That is the basis upon which all projects are approached. Through research of your organization’s industry and audience, the challenge is realized to which multiple solutions are created. The best Concept is selected as the Design to be refined until it’s solution effectively solves the challenge. Once approved, the Design goes through Production and is ultimately handed off to the printer or developer until finally the Design becomes realized.

Greg earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Design Communication from the University of Minnesota and continues to hone his craft as a Graphic Designer as he has for the past 12 years. He worked with a small handful of studios before forging out on his own in 2010 to work independently as a Freelance Designer. His creative weapons of choice are Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. His home studio is located in New Orleans and is sharply guarded of cats by his trusty side-kick, Lefty (think Poncho. think Frizzell). As a musician himself, he enjoys the opportunity to work with many other great musicians to help develop their design needs.

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"Greg is very organized and can take a project from inception to preparation of final production files. He is well versed in all facets of modern design."

- Tom Varisco, Principle, Tom Varisco Designs